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Welcome to Jackrite Hardware

Jackrite Hardware and Building Supplies has been providing quality building materials and DIY products since 1995.

Here at Jackrite, we help DIY enthusiasts produce only the highest quality work by providing a wide selection of tools, materials, and expert advice.

Our people have always had real knowledge about hardware and home improvement, and offer practical advice that's not only easy to understand but saves you time and money.

We stock a full range of building materials and hardware.
Our variety of hardware supplies ranges from fasteners, fixings, adhesives, safety clothing, containers, ladders, locks, brackets, hinges and much more.

We also stock a comprehensive range of building materials for masonry, waterworks, carpentry, electrical, coatings, cabinetry, etc.

As an independent retailer, Jackrite is able to give our customers personalised service and advice and provide the right product at the right price.
We are able to supply you everything you will need, from foundation to roof.

We stock everything you need for your project, including:
Pool care products,
Electrical components,
Plumbing supplies,
Gardening equipment,
Building supplies.

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